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Brain PR Brand and Reputation Management helps to boost your online reputation and build up trust in your brand. We professional manage your online reputation. Reviews have a huge impact on the purchasing decisions customers make. Brain PR tracks your reviews across the internet and using an approved matrix respond to them, revolutionising the way your brand is perceived online and opening doors to many new customers. Billed every 28 days until cancelled.


The power to track and respond

We streamline your reputation management process by tracking reviews of your business in the intuitive real-time stream. We respond quickly and easily with a pre-approved response matrix. Saving you time and helping to attract more customers.

A valuable new perspective

Gain access to a whole new world of marketing insights with a complete overview of your business’s review profile. We track your ratings over time, and see the areas that you need to improve. Use this vital feedback to boost your reputation and take your business to the next level.

Instant review alerts

Protect your reputation against fake reviews and hostile online activity, we get instant notifications. This will put you in the best position to enhance your brand and ensure you always know what the reviews are saying.


  • What is Reputation Management?

    Not all customers who find your business on search engines and local directories will be immediately convinced to buy from you. Many customers will want to read online reviews of your business first. Reputation management is about ensuring that your review profile presents your business in the best possible light.

  • Why do I need Reputation Management?

    40% of consumers will not use a business with negative reviews and 94% of customers have gone elsewhere because of bad reviews. If you are not managing your online reviews, then negative reviews could be scaring potential customers away. That is why you need to track your reviews and respond to them. The benefit of doing so has been proven. A Harvard Business Review study found that when businesses responded to all their reviews, good or bad, they see a substantial improvement in their overall ratings. Higher ratings mean more clicks, more visitors, and ultimately more profits.

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